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Almond Flour – Finely Ground & Blanched

I have been baking and cooking with almond flour for about 10 years. You will find almond flour as a main ingredient in many of my recipes on Restoring Our Health.

It’s my recommendation that you buy almond flour online. Bob’s Red Mill almond flour is available at Whole Foods, but it isn’t ground finely enough for my recipes. Natural Grocers has a blanched almond flour that bakes well.

For finely ground almond flour, the almonds are blanched to remove the skins and then very finely ground to turn them into flour.  The particle size really matters with almond flour, so you need to use the recommended types of finely ground almond flour that are listed below. Don’t confuse almond flour with almond meal.  Almond meal contains whole, ground almonds that still have the skin on them.

You will also save money by ordering online because you can order in quantity.  I purchase almond flour in 25 pound boxes and store them in the freezer. I keep 2-3 pounds of almond flour in my refrigerator for my weekly baking needs.

Recommended sites for ordering Almond Flour:

Amazon –
Honeyville Blanched
www.amazon.com Online ordering available;
Free shipping with Prime
Amazon –
Wellbee’s Super Fine Almond Flour
www.amazon.com Online ordering available;
Free shipping with Prime
Digestive Wellness 1-845-356-4557 www.digestivewellness.com Online ordering available
Honeyville Blanched www.honeyville.com Online ordering available;
$4.99 flat shipping charge;
Can also purchase at Costco
Natural Grocers  Several stores in the US Can purchase at store in refrigerated section
Nuts.com 1-800-558-6887 www.nuts.com Online ordering available

Click here to download and print my Costco shopping list.

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