“I owe my life to Jackie. I used to be a college athlete and was very active and healthy during my college years, but when I first met Jackie at age 26 I was so ill I could barely walk without being out of breath. I was in constant pain with my stomach, experiencing excessive bloating and sick almost every night. I had been hospitalized several times and had spent thousands of dollars being passed around by different medical specialists with no improvements or answers before reaching out to Jackie.

Jackie worked with me every step of the way in determining my food sensitivities, temporarily eliminating and reintroducing certain food groups, educating me on label ingredients and determining clean, healthy foods to eat. She got me on good quality probiotics and supplements to readjust my G.I Tract and helped me make adjustments when I had setbacks so I could eventually come off all my medications and live a normal healthy life!

I’m back to working out 5 times a week and playing tennis like I used to. I have so much energy and look and feel so much healthier! I rarely have bloating and I haven’t been sick in several months! The hospital experts are amazed by my improvements. I love the variety and quality of the food I’m eating now and feel like I finally have my life back. Jackie is an absolutely wonderful nutritionist and person. Through this process I’ve also gained a great friend. I have referred so many people to her because she’s just that good!

I can’t ever thank Jackie enough for all she’s done for me and my health! Seriously… reach out for a consultation! It’s the best decision you’ll make.”

Before & After

– Sophie Watson

“I was diagnosed with UC over 10 years ago and have struggled with flares every year. I was so desperate to feel better I tried every medicine my GI doctor prescribed over the years and some medicines helped for a little bit and then stopped, some didn’t work at all, and some not only didn’t work but gave me other side effects. I was so tired of the roller coaster and had just had the worst flare I ever had right before I met Jackie. She was the blessing I had been waiting for! When I tell you she changed my life, I am not kidding. She is such a kind person and gave me hope that I could actually feel better. Her holistic approach to health was so refreshing! She taught me so much and encouraged me every step of the way!! Anytime I needed anything or had a question she was right there to help! I was finally able to get off all the medications and work to heal my body naturally. I am so thankful for Jackie and truly don’t know what I would have done without her.”

– Patsy

“I first met Jackie shortly after receiving my food allergy diagnoses. I was feeling terrible and needed some serious help with my diet and with the new dietary changes I needed to be made. Jackie helped coach me through my new way of eating helping me find recipes and focusing on foods I could eat. She has offered more than just nutritional support, she’s also provided a lot of emotional support because necessary dietary changes come with a lot of emotions and releasing. She understands our bodies, the emotional and social aspects of food, and how important food is in our lives. Jackie helped me transform my life not just through my diet but through so many changes in my life and my work. All along the way I knew I had support. I know I could have stumbled through my dietary shift alone but I am eternally grateful I had someone along the way to help me see that my alllergy tests weren’t a bad thing, they were a wake-up call to find a way to work with my body, instead of fighting it. It’s not been easy and there have been bumps along the way and each time Jackie works with me to figure out where changes can be made to improve my health, both body and mind.”

– Erica

“When I was struggling with severe eczema on my eyelids, scalp and neck, I had no idea what to do. Jackie was the first person who told me “We can get you feeling better.” Those words were so meaningful because I was desperate and scared. No other health practitioner, of the many I’d seen, had said that or helped me make any progress towards healing.

Jackie and I reviewed my food journals and troubleshot what foods seemed to be causing or exacerbating my symptoms. In a few short months, I was better able to manage my diet and my symptoms. When I was worn out and just couldn’t think of what to eat for the week, she would help me meal plan.

She also helped me find a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Jellison, so I could get to the root issue — which for me was mold illness. I stayed with Jackie while I implemented treatment protocols from Dr. Jellison. They make a great team!

I will be forever grateful to Jackie for her emotional support and her expertise in providing nutritional coaching. My life would not have gotten back on track without her. Now that I am better, I don’t see Jackie as often. I really miss brainstorming and meal planning with her! ”

– Clara M.

“When I first met Jackie I had been in a UC flare for over a year and was optimistic but also hesitant as to whether or not she could really help me get out of it. Within the first week my symptoms were significantly better, and I was fully committed to Jackie and her plan. She has been a true blessing to our family! My quality of life has drastically changed and I couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks to Jackie I am managing my UC without medications. She is so helpful and encouraging, and her recipes are delicious and made this whole process so much easier. She literally helps you every step of the way. Jackie, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you truly changed my life.”

– Jason and Lacy M.

“When I started seeing Jackie I had been living with UC for 11years. I had been taking the same kind and dose of medication the entire time. I would have a flare about once a year and be treated with steroids. In the fall of 2018, after being treated once again with a steroid, my GI Dr told me that I would have to start a drip medication. This would require me going into the office every two weeks and spending an hour or two to be treated. Not only would this affect my time but also came with many other side effects. Plus, what would be next surgery? None, of this made sense to me especially since my disease had not progressed since my first diagnosis. I decided to take control.

I was referred to Jackie by a client of mine. The SCD made sense to me. Treating a disease of inflammation with a diet of low inflammatory food. She has taught me so much on how to look at food as my medicine. She helps me with recipes for myself and whole family. I actually now enjoy cooking more than ever. She has been such a great support to me. Checking in on me weekly and always available to answer questions. It¹s almost been a year and I feel better than ever!”

– L. Duran

“Jackie is an amazing support for nutrition and overall health. I came to Jackie with a hope to better understand what my body needed in terms of nourishment, and I was looking for better balance. Jackie helped me understand what nutrients are needed as the essential building blocks, and she assisted me with creating meal plans to follow. Jackie went a few steps further helping me with grocery lists, providing me with recipes, and checking in regularly to be sure I was able to achieve the goals I set. Jackie is kind, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. I am thankful to have worked with her on forming important healthy habits!”

– Paresa T.

“For over a year, I have had GI issues. The physicians did extensive testing to try to identify what was triggering the problems. The tests all came back negative, but I still couldn’t eat a meal without feeling bloated and nauseated. After meeting with Jackie, she helped identify the foods that were triggering the issues, worked with me on providing the appropriate supplements, and has helped me identify a diet that allows me to feel like my old self again. The foods that I am now eating are healthy and fueling my body rather than making me feel ill. The junk food cravings are even gone and now I crave things that are healthy. Thanks, Jackie for your help!”

– Laura

“Recently, armed with results of “diagnostic tests” whose validity and scientific basis I now question, I met with an Integrative Nutritionist and self-taught chef. I’d done quite a bit of research, looking for a person with whom I could relate, learn from, and share very personal health experiences who was also conveniently located. I found this and so much more with Jackie Caldwell, of Grain-Free Wellness.”

– Terry Lynne Hale

“My 24-year-old son has battled severe Ulcerative Colitis for four years. He has tried nine different medications, but nothing helped for very long. His quality of life was horrendous, and couldn’t eat or drink anything without running for a bathroom. He had seen multiple doctors, and his current doctor had recommended a complete colectomy, when we started working with Jackie.

With Jackie’s guidance, my son began the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). I cook for him and deliver his meals (he’s in grad school in Dallas) since starting the SCD. I had so many questions about the diet and the various phases, and Jackie has guided me through it all. She has been a wealth of information, as well as providing wonderful support to both my son and me. We could not have done this without Jackie’s help. Being able to talk to someone who has been through the same thing has been extremely helpful for my son. Jackie is so warm, caring, and empathetic, in addition to being really knowledgeable. She has given me wonderful recommendations for recipes, “legal” foods for the diet, and supplements, and has helped me with menu plans as the diet has progressed. My son is four months into the SCD, and has seen tremendous healing already. He now understands that food truly is medicine. He plans to continue the SCD and hopes to become completely medicine-free at some point.

We are so incredibly grateful to Jackie for all her help in this healing journey. I highly recommend her as a nutrition and life coach to anyone, but especially anyone suffering from UC or Crohn’s.”

Warm regards,
Trelah Nagy

“I was suffering with digestive issues for about two years before I found Jackie. I met with Doctor after Doctor and no one could tell me what was wrong or give me any guidance. I was always bloated and anything I ate just went straight through me. I was scared of food and I was also having issues with my skin. Looking back, I was pretty much at my all time low and could barely eat anything when we had our first visit. I am so thankful that I found Jackie! She is very knowledgeable and empathetic and truly does care about my overall well-being. After working with Jackie for about 5 months, I feel like my whole life has changed. Even on a strict diet, Jackie has helped me come up with great recipes and is always there to answer questions. I honestly don¹t know where I would be without her!!”

– Marissa B.

“After a decade of dealing with mounting digestive issues ranging from constipation to diarrhea, extreme gas & bloating, SIBO, and an autoimmune disorder, I decided to start looking at my diet. I noticed that as my digestive issues worsened so did my autoimmune symptoms. Believing the two issues were linked, I sought out a nutritionist to help me solve this puzzle. Jackie was a wealth of knowledge and a great resource. She identified my triggers and guided me through diet changes and recovery. She did research on my autoimmune disorder and made recommendations that made an immediate improvement to my health. My diet changes have been pretty drastic but so has the improvement to my digestive and autoimmune symptoms. I can’t thank Jackie enough!”

Kindest regards,

“I initially met with Jackie when I was going through a very tumultuous time in my life with many changes happening all at once. I knew I needed to get a handle on my nutrition and so I reached out to her. Jackie was able to lend a guiding hand to help me have a relationship with food that had been lacking for a few months. Over the course of about 5-6 months, I was able to learn about different foods that were causing me discomfort. She helped me find a way to plan out my meals and make sure I was making good decisions when it came to my nutrition and food. Jackie worked with my ridiculous schedule of working overnights and coming up with meal planning ideas for a non-traditional lifestyle.

In the few short months that I was with Jackie, she helped me have a new outlook on food, as well as my life! She is such a powerful positive force! I don’t know where I’d be without her or maybe I’d be eating cookies and candy all of the time!

I couldn’t have done it without Jackie!”

– Mara F.

“I had been suffering from diverticulosis for nearly 8 years when I started working with Jackie in May of 2017. I was experiencing flare ups more frequently and my gastroenterologist had recommended surgery. I did not want to have surgery and decided this was the time to get serious about diet and lifestyle changes. When I began working with her she told me I needed to make a lot of changes in my diet – more than I anticipated. However, her caring and personal nature made me comfortable with making this change. She held me accountable and encouraged me throughout – especially when times got rough. Her knowledge of this holistic approach to healing is vast and she provided many alternatives to foods I love. I’ve tried to make these changes in the past wth no success so I believe Jackie made all the difference. She’s been such a blessing to me! I feel great and know that this is something I can do for the rest of my life.”

– Kiva L.


I am so grateful for your help and guidance during my healing journey with Crohn’s disease. Without your knowledge, experience and support, I would be on life-long medication and facing the possibility of surgery.

Your cooking tips and nutritional expertise are invaluable tools that I will use for the rest of my life. But above all, your encouragement gave me the strength to battle this digestive disease holistically and patiently. I deeply thank you because I could not have managed my SCD diet without you!!”

Hugs to you,
Donna C.

“My visit with Jackie was life changing. She hooked me up with the right information and shared her story of how she has was able to heal herself by eating the right foods. I followed her instructions and three days later I was feeling so much better even my little aches and pains were disappearing. I could feel the inflammation leave my body. I¹ve been practicing this way of looking at foods as medicine and both my health and attitude have continued to improve. I can¹t thank Jackie enough.

Jackie is compassionate, knowledgeable and has a passion to help others and I¹ve been blessed to have her on my wellness team!”

– Carla

“Before meeting with Jackie, I wasn’t eating very much. Everything seemed to bother my GI system. She helped me figure out what things I could eat and what things would help heal my system. She truly was a God send to me!”

– Sue D.

“When I first met Jackie I was a little hopeless with my health, I was feeling sick everyday, bloated, in a bad mood and I thought I was never going to feel good.

Jackie has helped me a lot through this process, she made me believe there is a better way to eat and feel great. She’s not just really professional, she’s a really nice person, she cares about her patients.

I’m really glad I found her, she helped me feel better with myself, inside and outside.”

– Isabella

“In March of 2016 I started working with Jackie Caldwell to see if I could get my Ulcerative Colitis under control. I had had a colonoscopy in January and was truly in problem city. I had severe diarrhea and I was bleeding. I met with Jackie, she shared her story and with her help I started down her path. I read the book Beating the Vicious Cycle suggested by Jackie and then began following the way of eating. By June I was much better with no grain in my diet, decrease sugar and learning to cook with almond flour and honey. Today I have my life back! I no longer must wake up 2 hours before any morning activity to have enough time to go to the bathroom multiple times. I no longer look for bathrooms wherever I am and calculate how quickly I can get there if needed. I feel like the commercial for Humira. There have been side effects to this way of living.. I have lost 45 pounds and have cut my Balsalazide daily dosage. Thanks Jackie.”

– Michele

“In the five months I have been seeing Jackie, she has helped me lose 21 pounds and a clothing size. She has not only supported me in being grain-free, but also dairy-free, and a few weeks ago, I decided to go vegetarian in addition. She has great ideas for what to eat and recipes to make. And if she doesn’t have an idea handy, she’ll do the research. For example, she researched non-dairy yogurts to find one that would work with all of my various issues, and she sent me a picture of what it looked like so I could easily find it at the store.

Jackie is the best coach. She is very supportive and encouraging, and she allows you to be human. If I get off track, she has a way of nudging me back that isn’t harsh or doesn’t make me feel guilty. She answers my many questions and provides me with information and resources for all of my concerns and curiosities.

I have another 30 pounds to go and am extremely confident I will get there with Jackie’s help!”

– Maria

“Jackie is a supportive encouraging life coach! Always available. Responsive. “

– Liz K.