“Jackie was asked to do a presentation for prostate cancer survivors. The challenge was increased by asking her to focus on items helpful to prostate cancer survivors. Jackie absolutely captivated us! She kept the attention of every attendee and provided appropriate information to the group. Time was allowed for questions at the end of each segment, and every answer was truthful and on target. Her knowledge is based on credible reference and personal experience in addition to her professional studies and certification. Jackie is a very caring person, with a good sense of humor.”

– Penny B.

“Jackie gave two presentations to our company, one at our headquarters in Kansas City and another at a remote location. Each event provided an opportunity for our associates to ask questions and learn more about how they can heal their bodies with food. Jackie was extremely attentive and flexible with the conversations, and provided exceptional resources! Her kind and caring spirit shines through her presentations, as well as the love and attention she gives the Green Goddess smoothie! All of our associates enjoyed listening to her story and greatly appreciated the time and effort she puts toward her passion for nutrition.”

– Sarah