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NutriBullet 900

Vitamix makes a great blender and I have had mine for 14 years. Vitamix are pricey, but in my opinion so worth it! They can chop and blend just about anything you put into the blender. You can purchase a Vitamix on Amazon, Vitamix, or Bed Bath and Beyond (use 20% coupon).

If you search for Renewed Vitamix on the Vitamix website or Amazon, you will find blenders that have been refurbished and they are much less expensive and they still come with a guarantee.

Luvele Yogurt Maker

Yogurt Starter

Waffle Maker

Ice Cream Maker

Blender Bottles – 28oz

Blender Bottles – 20oz

Stainless Steel Straws

Extra Long Straws

Glass Loaf Pan

Paderno Spiralizer

Paper Baking Cups

Cookie Scooper

Grate & Slice Set

Citrus Squeezer & Juicer

Instant Pot

Silicone Molds

Ball Quart Jars

Kitchen Funnel

11″ Crepe Pan

9.5″ Crepe Pan

Cherry Pitter

Parchment Paper

Cookie Scoop

Lodge Cast Iron