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Lots of News!

Hi all, I haven’t had any new recipes or posts for awhile, but I’m back!  I have had some changes in the past year, as we all have, and I want to share a little of my journey.  I attended the Nutritional Therapy Association for a year in 2019-2020.  I received my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner […]

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Good Health on the Inside and the Outside!

Since we are in the summer season where we show more skin, I thought this would be a good time to talk about how to make sure you are using clean skin care, hair care products, and cosmetics. I have had several clients recently who have skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.  When […]

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New Cooking Classes at the Culinary Center and an offer for free bacon!

I have some fun classes coming up at the Culinary Center and I would love to have you join me!  If you are interested in learning how to bake and cook grain-free and gluten-free, these classes are for you. One of the things that people who come to my classes seem to be most surprised […]

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One of the most difficult things about living with an intestinal disease is not being able to eat out very much or being able to grab something to eat quickly. I get really excited when somewhere new opens that actually serves food and drinks that are fresh and natural.   t-Loft is a really great place […]

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Grain-Free Wellness News!

Hi friends, With warm weather starting it’s a good time to do a reset on your health!  I have several baking and cooking classes coming up at the Culinary Center in old Overland Park.  If you are interested in learning how to bake and cook grain and gluten-free come join me. You can register for […]

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Healthy Restart in 2017!

Ready to restart your health in 2017?

As we approach the start of a new year, it is always a good time to reflect on the past year and make plans for a fresh start.  For many people that involves a taking a strong look at the state of their wellness.  After a holiday season filled with too much food and usually […]

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Paleo Fit Meal Program

Local Paleo Meals delivered to your door!

For those of you who would really like to try Paleo eating, but aren’t ready to dive into the Paleo cooking pool yet, here is a suggestion that might help. I am working with a local food company called Paleofit and I am really impressed with their food.  They have local delivery on Sunday and […]

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Are we compromising our health with these bright colors?

Have you ever thought about the odd colors of food here in the United States?  Ever wondered how and why so much of our food is bright red, yellow, or green?  Food certainly doesn’t come out of the ground like that! When my daughter Molly was very young, she was really struggling with stomach problems […]

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Wheat Belly Classes Coming Up!!

Hi everyone, No recipe today, but just some news that I hope you will be interested in. Have you heard of the book Wheat Belly?  It is an excellent book about eliminating wheat, grains, and processed foods from your diet which is essentially the way I have been eating for the past 9 years.  I […]

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Healthy Green Smoothie

Food Does Matter!!

Hi all, One of the things that I heard over and over again as I was battling my Ulcerative Colitis was that what I was eating didn’t matter and it certainly didn’t have anything to do with my digestive disease. I asked repeatedly and heard the same thing from four different gastroenterologists. The two options […]

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Exciting News!

Hi all, I am excited to let you know that I will be working with Your Wellness Connection  starting next week. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Your Wellness Connection, it is a wonderful center for holistic health care for the body and mind.  Dr. Michelle Robin is the founder and all of […]

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Sun Krunch Granola

Sun Krunch Granola- Great new Granola!!

Hi all, Today I want to tell you about a new Granola that I discovered and have been eating like crazy. Up until now, I have been making my own granola with nuts and coconut and it is pretty time and labor-intensive.  This new granola is from Sun Krunch Granola and they are a fairly […]

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