Sun Krunch Granola

Sun Krunch Granola- Great new Granola!!

Hi all,

Today I want to tell you about a new Granola that I discovered and have been eating like crazy. Up until now, I have been making my own granola with nuts and coconut and it is pretty time and labor-intensive.  This new granola is from Sun Krunch Granola and they are a fairly new company out of Chicago. With my ulcerative colitis, I have to be careful with nuts and seeds as they can wreak havoc on a fragile digestive system.  The thing I love about Sun Krunch is that they soak the sunflower seeds and then dehydrate them for their granola. By soaking the sunflower seeds it removes the phytic acid and neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors which is a lot of fancy words that means easier to digest.  So far I have just been enjoying the granola on my lactose-free yogurt with fruit and honey, but I’m planning on incorporating it into some recipes soon.  Please visit their website and check them out. They currently have 4 flavors and I have tried them all, they are all good, but Buttery Cinnamon is my favorite. This product has to be ordered online, but I think it will be coming to a store near us really soon!

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  1. cheri Matyjaszek July 20, 2017 at 11:39 pm #

    I had a sample where do I find this?

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