One of the most difficult things about living with an intestinal disease is not being able to eat out very much or being able to grab something to eat quickly. I get really excited when somewhere new opens that actually serves food and drinks that are fresh and natural.   t-Loft is a really great place where you can get tea, fresh fruit smoothies, coconut almond tea lattes, and so much more.  They also have a small gluten free bakery that sometimes has grain free offerings as well, and they have salads too for a quick breakfast or lunch.  You can visit their website here:  and view their full menu offerings.  The original location is at 8025 State Line Road, and they have a new location at 5225 W. 116th Place in the Park Place shopping center. Besides all of the good stuff to eat and drink, it is a really fun atmosphere and a nice place to hang out and chat.

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