Healthy Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie- Kid Friendly

Jackie’s Tips:

  • This recipe is kid friendly because it is sweet tasting even with the spinach. With the addition of the pineapple juice and mangoes you really can’t taste the spinach at all, kids and adults will love this!
  • Make sure and blend up the spinach with the juice first so it won’t be chunky.
  • You can adjust this recipe to suit your taste by using kale instead of spinach or a different kind of juice as long as it’s 100% juice.
  • This is a great, simple way to incorporate some greens into your family’s diet.
  • Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or an on the go snack.
  • I use a Vitamix Blender- get more information on Vitamix Blenders here.
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  • 1. Measure two cups of tightly packed spinach and put into blender
  • 2. Add juice yogurt and blend until leafy chunks are gone.
  • 3. Add mango, banana and blend together until smooth.
  • 4. Pour into a glass and enjoy!
  • 5. This smoothie will keep in the fridge for up to two days, just stir and drink.

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