Mango Berry Smoothie

Jackie’s Tips: 

You can use any kind of frozen fruit & juice in this smoothie that you like.  Just make sure the juice is 100% juice and the frozen fruit doesn’t have any extra added sugar. Costco has great buys on different kinds of organic frozen fruits in large bags.  I stock up whenever I see them there. If you have smoothie left over it stays great in the fridge until the next day. Great breakfast, lunch or snack!

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  • 1. Add yogurt, frozen berries and juice to blender- blend until all fruit is blended.
  • 2. I use a Vitamix Blender which is very powerful and blends this in about 30 seconds. If you are using a blender that doesn’t have as much power it will take longer to blend.
  • 3. For those of you on SCD diet please check my recipes for SCD legal yogurt.
  • 4. If you want to purchase yogurt, Chobani and Fage both make a really good plain, unsweetened yogurt.

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