Dairy-Free Banana “Ice Cream”

The protein powder I use in this recipe is my favorite!  It is clean and free of gluten, soy and dairy. For those of you not familiar with collagen powder, there are numerous reasons for including it in your diet.  It is very healing to the digestive system and also great for hair, skin, and nails.  As we age we lose some of the collagen we have naturally so this is a great way to replace it.  You can read more about Vital Proteins Collagen here.

Don’t ever throw out really ripe bananas.  It is super easy to freeze them and pull them out for smoothies.  Learn how to freeze bananas here.

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  • 1. Break frozen bananas into large pieces with your hands and place in a food processor and add collagen powder, vanilla and sea salt. (I think you could use a Vitamix or powerful blender to make this too)
  • 2. Pulse until consistency of ice cream
  • 3. Serve immediately as soft serve ice cream (seen in photo) or freeze for a couple of hours to get more of a scooped ice cream

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